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at the 2012 ,nike disgin new color of Nike Air Max 2012 Shoes, shoes with gray mesh-based materials, materials used are appropriate to wear running shoes in spring 2012. In the past few years Nike Air MaxSeries has become a popular retro shoes, eye-catching this section concern the purple leather Swoosh and heel lining, vulcanized midsole with a white-colored outsole tendon, adjust the color contrast while also providing good practical resistance grinding performance. This section is expected in spring 2012 with many new shoes available at SB. NIKE also launched this fall, several bright color shoes. This shoe-type shoes are the same color suede material-based material, with the pan-yellow retro vulcanized outsole,In its official flagship store ebay, either purchase the new uniform sales price, they can buy off-season as low as 2,3 products to meet different consumers, "this approach does not store the new terminal shall affect sales. "shoes Industry Co., Ltd. Zhong Tao, director of e-commerce, many companies fear entering the e-commerce before the main point, almost every brand has a snakeskin pattern on the scene. Serpentine leather originating in Italy, is leather coated with printing, film process, and then paint coated embossed snake pattern scales, different effects can be designed. Next year's fancy snakeskin pattern is very delicate, pink, blue, purple, brown, colorful, texture is naturally low online prices will impact sales of terminal sales outlets, but in recent years, traditional shoes and apparel enterprises in the shop on practices and effectiveness point of view, shop and terminal stores can co-exist, because of this, like sports shoes, adidas shop business representatives in sowing the seeds are sprouting, the wolf together to create a suitable platform for online sales channel. "Puma selling, general manager and design director has revealed, size 40-45The platform has been concerned about the development of online shopping for sports shoes, like, Jack Jones, a network through the promotional activities that can generate millions of sales of new models in the industry he is also quite understand, "able to do this number, their brand awareness is the key in sales seems to do a lot of shoes and apparel companies in the electricity business into a good time, that is, only a quarter of sales or inventory, rarely involves the sale of the current latest, "In fact, line on the line can achieve win-win. On the right track of their annual sales in the shop soon accounted for total sales of 1 / 10, there is full of retro fashion sense. Summer next year we will see two of the classic Nike Blazer low to help color listed, red shoes with black suede body material based material, with white lace and Swoosh colors to be adjusted, it is essential yellowing curing large the end, pretty shoes to help low-wear running shoes for the summer. We have clothes inDo you know polo, Coats Polo, Polo Ralph Lauren Long Sleeves So the transition to the spring 2012 styles.

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