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PHILIPP PLEIN rivet shoes may help to you when you are attacked

when you go to  shopping, whether walking to where most people mountain is not the sea, especially during the holidays, but your dress may help you get a relatively wide space, PHILIPP PLEIN pretty single product skull and crossbones, rivets style, individual and words, I do not like this type, because the alternative is too exaggerated, from the perspective of the atmosphere is too domineering. But precisely because of this reason, the people around you are not a little afraid of approaching How about you?
PHILIPP PLEIN rivet style shoes, the shoes are long rivet, our daily time worn these beautiful single product, is daunting at the same time, it may also be able to help us at the crucial moment! They can be decorated with rivets hard about, or enough to poke each other metal heel, there is a true story: A female compatriots sister, your mother is very thin gas of friends, once in the underground passage, when looting, with his rivet shoes beat criminals, not close to the other side, to protect themselves. philipp plein outlet sneakers block plein letters rivets metallic sequins   Let's see what "good friend PHILIPP PLEIN rivet shoes" will be shot at a critical time for 

You can make the bad guys is not easy to close this matter, domineering exposed a little bit and help you or at least make you look cool and very strong, not so good bully, and these PHILIPP PLEIN rivet bag philipp plein outlet sneakers block plein letters rivets metallic sequins, she can play the attack is more objective, if it is in a relatively wide environments such as streets, underpasses, picked up and threw it as far as possible the bad guys! So beautiful too tough, these rivets, spikes can definitely become a "women's self-defense" fighting equipment. If not all of a sudden hit each other, at least for a sufficient distance to help us have more space and time to escape.
This is not the shoes do both, do not act quickly to buy a home, do not let you come across to think of it,it will too later.

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